Snowmobile – Recreational Vehicle Insurance - Assurancia Groupe Tardif

Cheers for snowmobiling, cheers for freedom!

Ready to brave the cold with your snowmobile and make the most out of winter? To keep it protected, Assurancia Groupe Tardif offers you specialized coverage and different ways to save.

Protections and savings

Get your snowmobile coverage with us and benefit from a number of advantages!

  • Protect your investment with covered accessories and the possibility of having a waiver of depreciation.
  • Member of a recognized club? Talk to your broker, you could get an additional discount!
  • Bundle your car and home insurance and save!
  • Travelling outside of Canada? You could travel for up to 6 months without additional fees.

Having difficulty finding insurance?

Trust us, Assurancia Groupe Tardif specializes in second chance insurance and has a team dedicated to finding solutions for you!

The following are examples of situations for which Assurancia Groupe Tardif can assist you:  

  • Non-payment of premiums

  • Criminal record

  • Claims frequency

  • Employment related issues

  • Interrupted insurance contract

  • Difficult financial circumstances, including discharged bankruptcy