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Choosing the right boat insurance to navigate with peace of mind

Is boat insurance mandatory in Québec?

Whether it is insurance for a motorboat, fishing boat, sailboat, watercraft, pontoon, it is not mandatory to have boat insurance in Quebec but we strongly recommend that you have one for:

  • to protect yourself and your property,
  • protect you if you cause damage and if your civil liability is engaged,
  • give you peace of mind and take full advantage of your watercraft.

What type of insurance for your boat?

If you have a small boat, a rowboat or a canoe, your insurer may offer to add an endorsement to your home insurance, but for any other type of boat, it is necessary to have specific boat insurance to cover the risks associated with maritime activities.

How much does boat insurance cost?

The price of boat insurance is calculated according to criteria such as: the type of boat, its size, the power of the engine, its use, the level of protection desired...

Regardless of the type of pleasure craft you own, we work with several insurers to find the insurance that meets your needs. Make an appointment with a broker to purchase insurance.

Having difficulty finding insurance?

Trust us, Assurancia Groupe Tardif specializes in second chance insurance and has a team dedicated to finding solutions for you!

The following are examples of situations for which Assurancia Groupe Tardif can assist you:  

  • Non-payment of premiums

  • Criminal record

  • Claims frequency

  • Employment related issues

  • Interrupted insurance contract

  • Difficult financial circumstances, including discharged bankruptcy