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"Solution Auto Insurance” is a 2nd chance insurance aimed at people who have difficulty insuring their cars due to a non-standard record.

What is a non-standard record?

A person who has a non-standard record is a person whose record is not insurable by a standard insurer. The file is refused for reasons such as: 

  • a criminal record (consumption of alcohol or drugs while driving, loss of driving license, hit and run, etc.), 
  • non-payment of an insurance premium, 
  • a bad credit history (bankruptcy, precarious financial situation), 
  • a high frequency of claims, 
  • multiple creditors, 
  • vacant or unoccupied buildings, 
  • other unusual risks.


dossier hors norme non standard

Why choose us for your 2nd chance insurance?

courtier assurance 2e chance

With their years of experience, our brokers have acquired extensive knowledge of the sector. They will find you the insurance company that will have the best solution to insure you. 

To offer you the most suitable offer for your needs, we must have perfect knowledge of your situation and have precise information. Depending on your case and if necessary, we will ask you to send us your driving record (available at an SAAQ office) and a copy of your credit file (available at the courthouse). 

At Assurancia Groupe Tardif, we are here to help those who encounter obstacles in their lives.

How to contact us ?

As we need to discuss your situation, the best way to communicate with us is to call us at: 


We can also be reached by email at the following address:

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