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Experience your freedom to the fullest with suitable RV / trailer insurance.

Insurance is not the same depending on the type of recreational vehicle (RV) you own.

For motorized vehicles such as motorhomes, third party liability is mandatory. Options to protect against damage caused to your recreational vehicle (collision, theft, fire, etc.) or for specific needs, should be considered.

For non-motorized towed or stationary vehicles (trailers, tent-trailers), a wide range of protections are available.

To have the protection best suited to your needs and your use, talk to your broker. He will advise you on your RV insurance.

Things to remember before choosing the right insurance for your RV

  • If I spend several months in the USA with my RV, do I need special coverage?
  • If I have a stationary trailer, what type of insurance do I need?
  • If I rent my RV on a rental site, should I report it to my insurer?
  • Does my insurance include roadside assistance in the US?

Your broker will answer all your question.

Having difficulty finding insurance?

Trust us, Assurancia Groupe Tardif specializes in second chance insurance and has a team dedicated to finding solutions for you!

The following are examples of situations for which Assurancia Groupe Tardif can assist you:  

  • Non-payment of premiums

  • Criminal record

  • Claims frequency

  • Employment related issues

  • Interrupted insurance contract

  • Difficult financial circumstances, including discharged bankruptcy