Complaint Handling Policy and Dispute Settlement

The objective of this Complaint Handling and Dispute Resolution Policy is to establish a simple and fair process for the processing of complaints.

The person in charge of enforcing this policy for our firm is Manon Brochu, head of Customer Services for Assurancia Groupe Tardif.

The responsibilities for this function include:
Sending an acknowledgment or receipt to the plaintiff within 5 days;

  • Transferring the file to the AMF (Autorité des marchés financiers) upon plaintiff request;
  • Sending a report to the AMF twice a year, through the complaint report.

Process for complaint filing:

A consumer who wishes to file a complaint can do so by sending their complaint to the person in charge of the Complaint Handling Policy either through:

Creation of a complaint file

For the purposes of this policy, a complaint consists in the expression of at least one of the three following elements left outstanding after having been examined and processed by the operational level responsible for deciding these issues:

  • A complaint regarding an employee or the firm;
  • A real or potential prejudice to the consumer identified;
  • Corrective measures claimed.

In the case of an incomplete complaint, the plaintiff is notified, including a request for additional information; to which the plaintiff must respond within 15 days. Failing which the complaint is deemed withdrawn.

If the plaintiff is not satisfied with the result of the handling of his or her complaint or of the process itself, a request can be made for the transfer of the file to the AMF.

This right can only be exercised by the plaintiff after expiration of the delay for obtaining a final response and within one year of the reception date of such response.

The file transferred to the AMF contains all supporting documents for the complaint.

The firm remains responsible for the application of privacy rules protecting personal information.