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You want peace of mind, choose the right off-road vehicle insurance

Whether you use an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) for cruising or for work, it is important to choose the right protections to properly protect yourself and your quad.

First, there is the civil liability insurance which is obligatory. This insurance protects you if you are held liable (for example, if you injure someone, or if, while riding your ATV, you damage another person's vehicle).

Then, there are optional protections that protect your vehicle and your accessories in the event of partial damage or total loss (collision, theft, fire, etc.).

Make an appointment with your broker to find out more about your all-terrain vehicle insurance.

How much does ATV insurance cost?

The price of ATV insurance is calculated according to criteria such as: the brand, the year, the condition of the ATV (new or used), the power of the engine, the desired insurance protection.

Discounts that we offer:

  • Member of a recognized club? Talk to your broker.
  • Discount if the ATV vehicle has an anti-theft device.
  • Other discounts may apply. Contact us.

Having difficulty finding insurance?

Trust us, Assurancia Groupe Tardif specializes in second chance insurance and has a team dedicated to finding solutions for you!

The following are examples of situations for which Assurancia Groupe Tardif can assist you:  

  • Non-payment of premiums

  • Criminal record

  • Claims frequency

  • Employment related issues

  • Interrupted insurance contract

  • Difficult financial circumstances, including discharged bankruptcy