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Did you know that 98% of Quebec businesses are small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) employing a total of around 2.4 million workers? SMEs are clearly important actors in the Quebec economy, and that’s why their financial and commercial health is critically important.

Business insurance brokers specialize in protecting the assets, operations and net worth of SMEs. Assurancia’s team of SME insurance professionals can quickly answer any questions you might have and get you a quote tailored to your particular company.

It’s only good business to take out different types of coverage for risks like theft or damage to goods and equipment (including commercial vehicles), errors or omissions in the practice of a trade or profession, and directors’ and managers’ civil liability. 

Insurance coverage against computer system attacks like phishing, malware or hacking has also become more necessary than ever. The same goes for safeguarding your company’s commercial and financial data, as well as the data of both your suppliers and your clients.

Assurancia deals with several different insurers, and can provide coverage that’s a perfect fit for whatever kind of business you’re in.

  • Retail


    Whether you run a food market, a clothing store, a décor boutique, a florist shop, a hardware outlet or other retail enterprise, business insurance can cover you for lower revenue due to equipment breakdown, inventory loss or other causes. 

  • Professional services

    Professional services 

    People working in liberal professions – accountants, lawyers, notaries, veterinarians, dentists, architects, surveyors, estheticians and so on – work closely with their clients.

    Commercial general liability insurance as well as errors and omissions insurance are particularly important for these and other professionals who may face lawsuits for bodily injury, professional liability or other damages. Professional service providers also need specific coverage if they work from a home office.

  • Construction


    If you operate a building, electrical, plumbing, landscaping, door and window, or other construction industry company, you need insurance that covers your company’s worksite tools and equipment. Other specific risks like professional civil liability and performance bonds are also covered.

  • Manufacturing


    It is important to insure buildings, factories and the increasingly sophisticated equipment they contain. SMEs in the manufacturing sector also need to insure essential items like specialized molds and patterns.

    Target businesses: wholesalers, printers, greenhouses, metal product manufacturers, and agri-food manufacturers and processors.

  • Real estate

    Real estate 

    Customized warranties for companies with real estate holdings, including residential or commercial property. 

    Target businesses: apartment buildings, condo syndicates, vacant buildings and other commercial or residential property. 

  • Multimedia


    In addition to basic business insurance, companies in this sector need coverage for risks like patent and other intellectual property infringement. 

    Target businesses: multimedia and graphic design services, software developers, data management services, website designers, and advertising and public relations agencies.

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