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Made-to-measure insurance for wholesalers and retailers

A customer is injured falling over in your store? A dolly damages a display and its contents? Your computer system is hacked?

Wholesalers and retailers – whether in food and beverage, building materials or other sectors – need to protect themselves with insurance products that cover the risks inherent in their particular type of business. 

Our brokers can answer your questions and offer insurance products tailored to your needs and realities.

Insurance products for wholesalers and retailers

  • Assurance responsabilité civile

    This is essential because it protects you against being sued by customers for injury or any other reason – for example, an accident in your store, warehouse or other commercial premises.

    This insurance can also cover professional, environmental or other risks, depending on the needs and activities of the business concerned.

  • Fire, theft and vandalism insurance or multi-risk insurance

    This kind of insurance covers damage to commercial merchandise in storage, on display or elsewhere. It also protects against theft or vandalism affecting office or warehouse equipment, as well as losses due to disasters like flooding or sewer backup.

  • Equipment breakdown insurance

    Production or distribution equipment defects or breakage can bring any production and sales chain to a halt. Fortunately, you can insure the value of equipment to be replaced in the event of loss, and then get back to full and profitable operation as soon as possible.

  • Business interruption insurance

    This insurance partly covers lost revenue caused by certain events. It enables you to continue paying suppliers and employees without any worries.

  • Commercial vehicle insurance

    Trucks and other vehicles transporting goods for delivery or for transfer from warehouses to stores also need to be insured depending on the types of products being transported. The goods being transported can also be insured.


  • Cyber insurance

    SMEs are being increasingly targeted by cybercriminals these days. Be sure to protect all your business data (customers, suppliers, employees, finances etc.) so that your IT systems can be quickly back up and running after any cyberattack.

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