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Operate Your Business with Peace of Mind

Crafting quality products and paying attention to detail is what you do best. The same goes for us; we want to offer relevant coverage so that you can go about your daily business with peace of mind.

Contact One of Our Brokers and Operate Your Business with Peace of Mind

Our insurance brokers use their experience and expertise to offer you tailored coverage.

Your business operations are industrial or manufacturing? Put your trust in Assurancia Groupe Tardif.

  • Commercial property

  • Equipment breakdown

  • Loss of revenue

  • Civil liability

Coverage Suited to Your Reality

You’ve invested a lot of effort in your business! How do you protect it against possible risks?

Assurancia Groupe Tardif’s brokers take the time to listen to you and to analyze your specific circumstances and the risks associated with your industry. They can then offer you products and recommendations tailored to your needs.

And that includes attentive quality support!