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Are your commercial vehicles properly insured?

Many businesses are totally reliant on cars or vans for delivering lightweight goods, or light- or heavy-duty utility vehicles for transporting merchandise, or trucks or tractor-trailers as integral parts of their production chains.

That’s all the more reason to insure your commercial and industrial vehicles that are not covered by regular auto insurance.

Our team of experienced brokers can advise you on the type of coverage that’s best for all the vehicles in your fleet. 

What commercial vehicle insurance covers

This kind of insurance is tied to the vehicle and not the driver. So, if an employee has an accident with a company vehicle, the damage is insured because the accident happened in the course of the employee’s work. 

Commercial vehicle insurance covers damage or loss to your company vehicles as well as any damage to other people or property, i.e. civil liability.

This product also covers your vehicle fleet for collisions and rollovers, as well as any equipment attached to the vehicles like shovel buckets, boom lifts, hydraulic arms, etc.

Commercial vehicle insurance also covers other risks, such as property damage caused by fire, theft, vandalism, glass breakage and, in some cases, weather (flooding or hail). 

You can calibrate your coverage based on the vehicle’s original value in case of theft or in the event of total loss. 

Custom insurance

Other specific risks can be insured – for example, the types of products and goods you transport in your commercial vehicles, such as hazardous materials, refrigerated products etc.

You can also choose different types of coverage such as replacement value, or benefit from discounts or premium increase exemptions depending on your and your employees’ driving record.  

Defects, accidents and delays due to bad weather are just some of the circumstances that can negatively impact your operations. Why not take out business insurance to cover your company for lost revenue due to accidents and other losses? 

Whether you manage or own a delivery service, a manufacturing company, a trucking firm or some other commercial or professional business, vehicle insurance tailored to your specific needs is key to keeping your business firing on all cylinders.

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