Why choose to work for Assurancia Groupe Tardif?

Our values:

  • Commitment

    We’re committed to our employees’ welfare and we acknowledge the challenge of maintaining balance between work and family!

  • Family

    We are aware of today’s lifestyle and offer work and family balance! We also strive to be flexible and take your needs into consideration! 

  • Honesty

    Our leadership style is transparent and helps maintain a connection with our employees

  • Respect

    Our environment and our approach are guided by our respect for others.  

4 additional reasons why working for Assurancia Groupe Tardif!

  • Team

    Above all, teamwork is expected as well as collaboration with coworkers 

  • Training

    We offer staff training from A to Z and we encourage the development of additional competencies for our existing employees!

  • Participation

    Join our improvement committees and participate in the well-being of our staff and the development of our company

  • Health

    We’re concerned with the health of our employees! Whether through encouraging physical activity or ensuring ergonomic workstations, we demonstrate its importance to us!

Be part of a forward-thinking brokerage team! Please send your CV to  info@assuranciagt.ca.